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33 Rue des Fraises, B-1070 Bruxelles (Anderlecht)

VAT number: BE0897.210.210

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Offices & private business centre

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25 sq. m office (two poeple)
50,00  €  
25 sq. m office (three poeple)
90,00  €  
33 sq. m office (two poeple)
70,00  €  
33 sq. m office (three poeple)
120,00  €  

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Explore our range of offices and studios to rent

Want to promote your business? Having an office in the Brussels region is a great way to reassure your clients and communicate better with them. That’s why our complex offers you business service addresses and office rental in Anderlecht. We also provide comprehensive administrative assistance to make your life easier.

The right reasons to rent from us

  • You appear more credible to your clients thanks to your presence in Brussels.
  • You have your own office in our complex.
  • You have your own toilet facilities.
  • Internet (WIFI & cable)
  • Meeting room also available on request.

Prices and professional contract

To see our conditions and prices by the hour, don’t hesitate to consult our price list above.

Please note that our prices are flexible.

Our prices vary are on a sliding scale depending on length of stay.


Bespoke services, Contact us

If you don’t want to visit Anderlecht regularly, we can manage your phone and online reception services and pass messages on to you. We can also forward your letters and parcels. Want to know more about the possibility of renting an office? Questions about our services? Then contact us today!

Business centre

The complex is both an accommodation and business centre that provides a range of administrative services to both companies and individuals (sole traders or otherwise).

We work together with professionals and future entrepreneurs either based or wanting to move into Belgium, the capital of Europe, to develop your future projects, from founding companies to various complex and time-consuming administrative formalities.

Rental an equipped office or studio to create a temporary service address in Brussels.

It’s a solution worth considering if you need a permanent or temporary address in Brussels to receive international clients or partners, or for a more convenient way to receive your letters and parcels.

Having a service address in the capital of Europe also increases your company’s credibility amongst your contacts.

The lets provided by Hotel Studio 33 include an office or studio in Anderlecht, Brussels (meeting room also available on request).

For an extra charge, we can provide phone and IT equipment and services receiving, forwarding and returning your phone calls, faxes, emails, letters (recorded delivery) or deliveries, with your own postal address and box number for all official documents.

We maintain absolute discretion over your business activities.

The area offers several parking options. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on +32(0)475/60.75.52

You can also email us at or via the contact form. Please state *serviced offices* or *service address* in the subject line.